Primary services

  • We are a full-service property development company with expertise in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, public and sports buildings, heritage buildings reconstruction and adaptation for reuse.

  • We approach our own investment projects and third party projects based on the same principles of quality, efficiency and timely execution. We are open to adapt our methods and practices to match our clients standard and corporate structure.

Our clients

  • Real Estate Funds.

  • Banks and Financial Institutions.

  • Institutional and Private Real Estate Investors.

  • Development Companies.

  • Large corporations (fit-out and portfolio management).

Development management

  • Commercial and architectural concepts, determination of a product and its key traits.

  • Design phase management.

  • Government approval coordination.

  • Preparation of initial planning permit and other documentation.

  • Tender procedures and selection process of partners and contractors.

  • Careful design team selection (foreign architects, contractors, consultants).

  • General contractor management.

  • General contractor and subcontractors negotiations and contracting.

  • Quality and safety standards compliance control.

  • Comprehensive construction administration and negotiations with project’s investor.

  • Management of planning and construction of internal and external engineering communications.

  • Project finance assistance.

  • Managing marketing and lease-up.

  • GR- and PR- management.

  • Operation cycle establishment.

  • Handover to operations.

  • Centralised project archive maintenance.

  • Property relations management, including Moscow and federal contracts.

RE Fund management

  • Investment strategy selection.

  • Screening for potential investment properties and objects.

  • Assistance with fiscal and legal planning, fund structuring.

  • Management accounts and Board Books forming.

  • Risk management.

  • Financial modelling for sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Asset management

  • Management and accounting services.

  • Full-service operation management services.

  • Tenant construction management services.

  • Budgeting and budget management.

  • Effective communication with all partners and contractors.

Technical audit for commercial real estate

  • Planning decision evaluation.

  • Control over materials used and evaluation of their properties.

  • Evaluation of legal aspects.

  • Evaluation of certain aspects of development project.

  • Evaluation of completion timing and schedule.

  • Evaluation of completed development stages.

  • Evaluation of third-party agreements, including thorough analysis of completed stages, materials usage and price competitiveness.

  • Complex analysis with practical recommendations for reaching full project’s potential in a most cost-effective way.

Quantity surveyor

  • Construction scope evaluation.

  • Estimates.

  • Unit rates and specifications check.

  • Evaluation of labour costs.

Fit-out management

  • Unique interior designs matching corporate requirements. Lifestyle projects combining practical, durability and efficiency aspects.

  • Design and construction management.

  • Tender procedures, contractors and consultants management.

  • Completion schedule, quality and cost management.

  • Furniture selection, style and concept planning for offices.

  • Lightning and engineering systems selection management.

  • Fire Department and other instances approval coordination.

  • Handover of completed objects to tenants and operators.

Public building construction management

  • Experience in delivery of non-standard technologically-rich public objects with complicated acoustic and other special requirements.

  • Development of innovative and unique projects maintaining perfect balance of sustainable architecture with reasonable completion time, costs, durability and quality requirements.

  • “Built-to-Suit” Project Management matching all given technical and commercial requirements.

Industrial objects management

  • Experience delivering non-standard industrial objects with complicated and technical requirements.

  • “Built-to-Suit” Project Management matching all given technical and commercial requirements.

Technical client function

  • Project documentation maintenance approval coordination.

  • Work with community regarding the project development.

  • Technical permits for connection to public utilities.

  • Building permits.

  • Control of technology, volume and workmanship quality compliance with government standards.

  • Control of timely resolution of problems found upon project completion.

  • Acceptance of completed objects with verification of compliance with government standards.

  • Control over completion and quality of invisible parts, mid-stage acceptance of key structures and objects.

  • Materials certification and quality control.

  • Participation and overseeing of contractors equipment tests.

  • As-built documentation check.

  • Assistance in preparation of Completion Certificates and progress statements.

  • Object acceptance from general contractor and handover to client or operator.

  • Selection of general contractor and subcontractors.